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They are a lot of harmless spiders in Hamilton County but that does not make all of them a welcome guest when they enter your property. They are not a completely bad pest to have since they devour other annoying insects around your property, but they are still unwanted by most property owners.

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Poisonous or Harmless Spiders?

The majority of them found in the county are harmless. But we do encourage residents to be aware of black widows and brown recluse and to call our pest removal experts when they are discovered. It’s always advised that you have a professional exterminator address hazardous spiders as the bite. The effects of poisonous bites are simply not worth it.

Where Harmful Spiders Are Found

The black widow isn’t commonly found inside. When they are found inside they are usually found in closets, the basement, and the attic. Brown recluse like to hide and if found inside will be in hidden, secluded areas. They can usually be found outside on buildings, wood piles, and any structures or decorative pieces that offer seclusion.

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