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Expert Bee Control

We offer a wide variety of solutions designed to eliminate existing pests and keep them from returning again in the future.

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Expert Bee Removal

Bees and wasps are rather common to see or come across in Carmel, Indiana. Our specialists are here to help you eliminate annoying, sometimes painful stinging insects. We understand the importance of keeping your property free from them so give us a call to learn more and get scheduled.

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Professional Bee Removal & Extermination

Our experts can help with bees of a wide variety, including honey and Africanized type, but they can also help with wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. When we finish removing the existing insects we can also advise on how to keep them away or what to look for in the future to catch a problem right away. When it comes to bees and wasps, their nests also need to be removed or you risk them returning in the near future.

Our pest technicians are not all trained with the exact same pests in mind. In other words, when we send someone out to handle a problem, it will be a technician with experience and training to handle ‘bees’ rather than a ‘general’ pest technician who would come apply ‘general’ treatments.

Quality Pest Services

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Safe Bee Treatment

Safety is our number one priority. Our experts have been trained to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible during the pest control service. Give us a call to learn more or have one of our specialists come out to have a look at your issue.