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Here lately Carmel Pest Control has received a higher number of calls regarding fleas and how to remove them. These little pests are very troublesome and difficult to deal with. Professional treatments are often the best option, especially if you have a serious infestation. Many people don’t realize they have a flea problem until it’s too late and several areas of their home is infested. Households with pets may experience more difficulty in trying to eliminate the fleas. They’re likely in the yard outside as well.

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Fleas are wingless insects that have mouths designed for breaking skin in order to suck blood, which is their food source. They can easily hide in a human or even a pet’s hair in as little as 10 minutes. In turn you might experience itching or redness. If you have pets they’re likely carrying them around the home and even outside. Fleas will infest a property quickly if immediate action is not taken against them. You don’t need to have pets in the home to end up with a flea problem.

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We can treat your property today for pesky fleas. Removing Carmel fleas is no easy task. For each flea found there are often many more hidden. Especially if they have found their way to your furniture or in the carpet. Worry no more; call Carmel Pest Control at (317) 660-4028 today to treat your flea problem!

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