Exterminator Services for Crickets in Carmel, IN

It’s not uncommon to find crickets in your home if you live in Hamilton County, Indiana. Dealing with crickets can be tricky but most people find them annoying because they’re noisy. You get settled into bed and start to drift off and then you hear it…a cricket.


If you have crickets you need to phone our Carmel cricket removal experts!

Finding a single cricket in your home can be hard enough; imagine having several! Crickets can be a troublesome pest like all the others (spiders, roaches, rodents, etc.) and getting relief is faster when you our experts here at Carmel Pest Control. Crickets can produce eggs on your property causing an even bigger issue if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Common Crickets in Indiana

  • Field Cricket
  • Camel Cricket
  • House Cricket
  • Spotted Camel Cricket
  • Two-Spotted Tree Cricket
  • Northern Mole Cricket

Get Relief from Carmel Crickets Today

Regardless of what kind of cricket is invading your personal space, our expert pest control technicians can help you get complete relief. Call our Carmel cricket removal experts at (317) 660-4028 today to eliminate your cricket problem and gain back peace and quiet.

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