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Cockroaches in Carmel, Indiana are more common than we’d like. No need to feel ashamed if you discover cockroaches in your home. We’ve noticed a big jump in the number of people having cockroach problems here in Hamilton County, even when their home is cleaned on a daily basis. Cockroaches don’t care if your home is clean or dirty.

However, when they do enter clean homes it’s often due to close living quarters, such as an apartment. When a neighbor has cockroaches and they move out, guess where the cockroaches go? That’s right, to the next place that may have food. Foreclosed homes may also have an effect on Carmel cockroach instances.

Roaches in Indiana that reside in these foreclosed homes will eventually run out of food, forcing them to go find food elsewhere. Luckily, our Carmel cockroach removal experts are well-trained in eliminating these pesky nuisances. Here at Carmel Pest Control our priority at all times is to protect your property from future invasions, regardless of the pest you’re dealing with.

Understanding Cockroaches in Indiana


Cockroaches need to be addressed as early as possible – call (317) 660-4028 to see how we can help if you have spotted them on your property.

Cockroaches have no problem adapting to their surroundings, which means that they’re able to survive in poor conditions that most other pests couldn’t. Obviously, this makes them a little more difficult to find and get rid of. While Carmel cockroaches are definitely dreadful and unsanitary, they also pose a risk to our health.

Cockroaches carry unhealthy bacteria, which can be easily transferred to humans. They do this by contaminating dishes, counters, and even food. In turn, this can cause diarrhea and food poisoning in humans. As a precaution, and if you suspect you have a cockroach problem, store your food in sealed containers and sanitize your floors and surfaces regularly until they are removed from your property.

Preventing Carmel Roaches

Cockroaches gain entry into your property through virtually any opening or crack that they can fit into. The best way to protect your property from cockroaches is by caulking the gaps around any pipes, baseboards, windows, and doors. These filthy pests also like to hide out underneath paper or cardboard boxes, so be sure to get rid of any of these hiding spots.

Let Our Roach Exterminators Help You Today

Trying to get rid of cockroaches in Indiana on your own will often leave you wasting a lot of time and unhappy with the results. The chemical we utilize to get rid of cockroaches is a lot more effective compared to what you’ll be able to buy inside any store. We’ve known people to spend more than $500 on store-bought cockroach solutions. We offer affordable prices and guarantee our work. Suffering through your cockroach presence for just one additional day is one day too many! Call Carmel Pest Control at (317) 660-4028 today and we’ll supply you with a free estimate and schedule your appointment.

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